Thank you for your interest in applying for an ACEhp SQUIRE License. ACEhp has partnered with leading medical publisher, the British Medical Journal, to customize SQUIRE for educators. ACEhp members and QI professionals who complete a complete a simple application will be eligible for an access license. 

ACEhp SQUIRE will help you design, deliver and measure your QI interventions. Use ACEhp SQUIRE for:

Completed education interventions, conducted in collaboration with QI colleagues, and focused on closing gaps in established quality metrics. If your organization has completed an activity, program or intervention that meets this criteria, this tool can be a great help in formatting your results and submitting them for peer-reviewed publication.

Ongoing or future education interventions, to be conducted in collaboration with QI colleagues, where guidance for a successful partnership could be helpful. If your organization meets this criteria, this tool can be valuable in establishing the framework for your QIE interventions, and support open communications and strategic design considerations between Education and QI leadership.

Issuing or responding to RFPs or grants using the tools standardized framework ensuring consistency in submissions to effectively describe interventions and their impact. 

An ACEhp SQUIRE license is free to members and for a limited time, non-members as well.  The link to the tool as well as your UserId and Access Code will be emailed to you within three business days of submitting your completed application. If you have any questions, please make your inquires to

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