Leadership Program


The Alliance's Leadership Program 
July 2012 - January 2013

The Alliance is pleased to launch its first Leadership Program! Building off the success and principles of the 2012 Leadership Institute, the Alliance's 2012 Leadership Program is designed to help CE professionals develop knowledge and skills needed to help direct today's continuing health care education landscape.

The program kicks off at a 2 1/2 days intensive workshop, The Leadership Institute, in July 2012, followed by participation in an online community, mentor/mentee program and webinars, and a concluding session at the Alliance's 2013 Annual Conference.


Space is limited to 35 learners!

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The Alliance’s Leadership Program will enable participants to demonstrate abilities in the Alliance’s Competency Area on Leadership and behaviors articulated in The Leadership Challenge®. At the end of the program, participants will be able to:

Model the Way by
  • Setting a personal example of what is expected
  • Making certain that people adhere to agreed upon standards
  • Asking for feedback on how his/her actions affect people’s performance
  • Building consensus around organizations values
  • Being clear about his/her philosophy of leadership
  • Identifying and applying ethical Standards developed for CPD professionals and related fields
  • Providing resources to coworkers and employees to learn about ethics and professionalism
  • Making available mechanisms and support to identify and address ethical dilemmas
Inspire a Shared Vision by
  • Talking about future trends influencing our work
  • Describing a compelling image of the future
  • Showing how their interests can be realized
  • Painting “big picture” of group aspirations
  • Speaking with conviction about meaning of work
  • Conducting and engaging staff in scanning current and emerging CPD environment 
  • Developing relationships and collaborating with internal and external stakeholders involved in CPD in the Health Professions, including learners
  • Recognizing current and potential new connections between one’s own CPD program with current and emerging environment for CPD, learners, and stakeholders
  • Developing and implementing a mission-aligned strategic plan that is a bridge to the vision that includes goals, objectives, tasks and milestones for success.
Challenge the Process by
  • Seeking challenging opportunities to test skills
  • Challenging people to try new approaches
  • Searching outside organizations for innovative ways to improve
  • Asking “What can we learn”
  • Making certain that goals, plans, and milestones are set
  • Experimenting and takes risks
  • Developing and modeling a learning organization 
  • Creating mechanisms and apply practices that involve staff in developing solutions to identified problems in CEHP
  • Linking principles of performance improvement in CEHP activities to CEHP and organizational improvement
  • Collaborating and building partnerships with internal and external stakeholders that contribute to being a learning organization
  • Creating and modeling an environment that embraces learning and change
Enable Others to Act by
  • Developing cooperative relationships 
  • Actively listening to diverse points of view
  • Treating people with dignity and respect
  • Supporting decisions other people make
  • Giving people choice about how to do their work
  • Ensuring that people grow in their jobs
Encourage the Heart by
  • Praising people for a job well done
  • Expressing confidence in people’s abilities
  • Creatively rewarding people for their contributions 
  • Recognizing people for commitment to shared values
  • Finding ways to celebrate accomplishments
  • Giving team members appreciation and support
  • Being advocate for the CPD program, its mission, activities, staff and volunteers (from 6.6). 
  • Recognizing and publicizing the success of your CPD program
  • Encouraging opportunities for staff to participate in activities that can highlight their abilities
  • Recognizing the achievements of staff and volunteers


The Leadership Program kicks-off with participation in a 2½-day intensive workshop, The Leadership Institute

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Date: Thursday - Saturday, July 26-28, 2012
Venue: Sheraton Inner Harbor Hotel Baltimore
300 South Charles Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21201

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UPDATE: The Alliance room block is filled at the Sheraton Inner Harbor Hotel Baltimore, but please click here to consider these other hotels in the area for your accommodations. Please note that the Alliance does not have room blocks with these other hotels.

All learners commit to engaging in the Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI), a 360-degree assessment instrument taken as part of pre-work for the Institute. 

The LPI and Institute are based on The Leadership Challenge® - a leadership development program by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner. During the Institute, participants not only learn principles of The Leadership Challenge®, but work in small groups to solve leadership dilemmas and apply the principles in practical settings. The small groups are formed based on “like” communities of practice in CE in the Health Professions. These cohort groups will remain together for the duration of the program. 

The Institute presents a unique opportunity for learners to begin applying their leadership skills. Leadership Program participants will be expected to serve as a mentor to 2-3 newcomers to the field of CE in the Health Professions. Leadership participants will meet these newcomers during the Institute and will be expected to touch base with their newcomer group periodically during the six-month Leadership program.

Each small group will be assigned a facilitator, who will serve as a support and resource during the Institute and throughout the Leadership Program.

As a concluding exercise at the Leadership Institute, each group will identify 3-4 topics that they would like to focus on in their own learning plan with their group and facilitator. These topics will form the basis of online community group discussions and bi-monthly conference calls.

In between the bi-monthly conference calls, all Leadership Program participants will be invited to participate in webinars that cover key aspects to Leadership in Continuing Education in the Health Professions. 

Program Schedule:
  • Leadership Institute – July 26-28, 2012
  • August – 5-7 group conference calls and online community discussions
  • September – Webinar #1: Leadership in Continuing Education the Health Professions
  • October - 5-7 group conference calls and online community discussions
  • November – Webinar #2: Leadership in Continuing Education the Health Professions
  • December - 5-7 group conference calls and online community discussions
  • January 2013 – face to face follow-up meeting and session on Sharing Leadership Stories


    All Leadership Program participants will be expected to complete a final project. The project is to:
  • Select at least one practice learned at the Leadership Institute as an area of focus, 
  • Choose at least one item in the Leadership Challenge’s Toolkit for that practice,
  • Implement the practice in their own leadership setting, 
  • Write an article about what practice was implemented, how and why the practice was implemented, and the outcome of the process.  All “Stories of Leadership” will be published on the Alliance’s website and will serve as the basis of a session at the 2013 Annual Conference. Leadership Program participants will be invited to share these Leadership Stories during this session.


    Members: $595
    Non-Members: $795

    Participation in the Alliance’s Leadership Program is valid for 1 eligibility point toward CCMEP™ certification or extension of certification. CCMEP™ is NC-CME's certification program for CME professionals.

    The Alliance thanks the following companies for their generous support of the 2012 Leadership Institute.

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