Monographs & Toolkits


Measuring Higher-Level Outcomes
Monograph for those interested in using measures of outcomes levels to monitor the overall effectiveness of their institutions’ CME programs over time.

Bridging Core Competencies and Outcomes Measurement Together
Monograph for those interested in developing a comprehensive outcomes program within their institution.

Translating Professional Competence into Action in the Practice Setting
Monograph designed for CME professionals, health care administrators, health care accreditors and regulators, managers of health care system/quality assurance/improvement, granting agencies and commercial supporters of CME.


CME Honoraria Research Summary
Analysis of data submitted by Alliance members in 2009 regarding honoraria (fee for service) and policies.  This summary provides both overall trends and member section-specific data.

Pharmaceuticals Grants Point-of-Contact List
Resource for CME Professionals.
This tool has been provided for CME professionals interested in obtaining a list of point-of-contacts regarding industry funding.

Alliance for CME Tool-kit on the Standards for Commercial Support (SCS)
Resources and Materials Being Used by CME Colleagues.

Continuing Professional Development in the CME Office Toolkit
This toolkit was designed for CME professionals interested in a strategy to aid staff in learning more about CME and other regulatory requirements.