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Professional relationships between physicians and industry have been in existence for decades. While these responsibilities have both positive and negative implications, the impact of these relationships is under scrutiny as never before. Added regulatory attention by the federal government over the past decade, in combination with efforts by leading accreditation and professional organizations, now mandate the separation of certified CME and promotional activities. The Alliance, SACME, and the AAMC are committed to a significant public awareness campaign to bring this Initiative to the attention of clinical faculty experts, medical educators, federal officials and other regulatory bodies. Launched in late 2008, NFEI continues to serve its purpose to teach medical education faculty the difference between certified CME and promotional activities.

We would like to recognize the multiple supporters who provided unrestricted educational grants for this initiative including Audio Digest, for the sole development of the online Educational Activity, and Pfizer Inc, for the development of the Verification Database.


What is the Initiative?

The initiative includes 1) an online educational activity on the differences between certified CME and promotional activities and 2) a verification database.

Who is the Educational Activity for?

It is for medical education educators including physicians, nurses and pharmacists.

Why is this important?

Voluntary codes about commercial influence on healthcare providers require this type of voluntary self-regulation and training to protect invited medical education faculty, their institutions, the accredited organizations responsible for certified CME, the commercial interests providing promotional programs, and ultimately the public.

Who developed the content?

The Initiative is staffed by the Alliance and the content was developed by a broad representation of authors from the field of CME who include:
• Jann Balmer, PhD, University of Virginia,
• Lois Colburn, University of Nebraska,
• David Davis, MD, Association of American Medical Colleges,
• Beverly Hughes, University of South Florida,
• Melissa Newcomb, MBA, University of Rochester,
• Mark Schaffer, EdM, Professional Postgraduate Services, 
• Deborah Sutherland, PhD, University of South Florida, and
• Walt Wolyniec, MS, formerly of Boehringer Ingelheim.

Who is listed in the database?

Any medical education faculty who completes the 45 minute online activity will have their name added to the National Faculty Education Initiative verification database. Inclusion in the verification database assures the CME provider, and the commercial interest providing promotional activities, of a faculty member’s integrity in teaching excellence and providing quality learning experiences that are in compliance with appropriate regulations, guidelines, and professional standards and, ultimately, improve patient care.

How should one use the database?

The database should be used to verify that faculty you plan to invite are trained in these differences and knowledgeable of the multiple sets of rules that govern speaker accountability when presenting in each environment.

Who should search the database?

The database is helpful for CME providers and commercial interests providing promotional activities.

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