Questions and Answers with a Healthcare CPD Associate

Stephanie Hansbury, MPA is the education coordinator for the neurology department at a large children’s hospital where she coordinates educational conferences for both resident and attending physicians, concentrating primarily on residents. Stephanie also works directly with the training director in an administrative role. She achieved her Healthcare CPD Associate Certificate as one of the March 2017 cohort exam takers. Below, Stephanie shares her views on becoming a Healthcare CPD Associate—proving that you are never too busy to further your professional development.


How long have you worked in CME?

I have worked in CME for almost 10 years.


What motivated you to pursue the Healthcare CPD Associate Certificate?

I’ve wanted to get the full certification for a while, but put it off to focus on earning my Masters degree, getting married and having a baby. I wanted to achieve the CPD certificate before I go on maternity leave in June, in preparation for getting the full certification once I return to work. I think it’s important to have that kind of certification under my belt as providing CME becomes more important in my department in the hospital.


What is the most important benefit of having the Healthcare CPD Associate Certificate to you as a CME professional?

The knowledge and skills that come with it.


What value does your Healthcare CPD Associate Certificate bring to your organization?

It’s important to the neurology department to have someone on staff with the knowledge base [in CME] because they are expanding their CME offerings.


How did you prepare for the exam?

I studied on my own as well as using the guide from the ACEhp.

[Note: the ACEhp has exam preparation materials and a practice exam posted on their website here:]


What would you say to someone considering pursuing the CHCP™ designation?

I think it’s worth it. I think it was good preparation for the full exam, and it’s encouraging to see my name on the list on the website.

[Stephanie’s name, along with all others who earned their Healthcare CPD Associate Certificate, is listed on the Registry of Healthcare CPD Associates on the ACEhp website here:]

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