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Questions and Answers with a CHCP

Amanda Jamrogiewicz, CHCP is the General Manager of the Cardiometabolic Health Congress. Her experience in the CME environment spans both accredited and non-accredited organizations. She achieved her CHCP as one of the June 2017 cohort of exam takers. Below, Amanda shares her views on becoming a CHCP.


How long have you worked in CME?

I have worked in the CME industry for almost five years, spending the first four with an accredited provider organization and the last year with a medical education company.


What motivated you to pursue the CHCP credential?

I’ve had the CHCP credential on my radar for some time now, due to most of my former colleagues at the accredited provider organization holding it. Its presence amongst members at the industry meetings is also a driver. Ultimately, the biggest motivation to pursue the CHCP credential was to enhance my professional development.


What is the most important benefit of being a CHCP to you as a CME professional?

To me, the most important benefit of being a CHCP is recognition from the industry that I am knowledgeable and experienced in CME. There is no formal education or degree in the CME world, so the CHCP credential adds value to a CME professional’s educational repertoire specific to the CME discipline.


What value does your CHCP designation bring to your organization?

Carrying the CHCP designation provides my organization with a valuable CME/CE resource, which is not only of value within my organization, but also externally as outside stakeholders recognize the value it provides the organization. Internally, I consult with team members on aspects related to CME activities. The relationship and process with our external stakeholders has improved due to the increased CME knowledge and skillset within the organization.


How did you prepare for the exam?

I reviewed the NC-CME Certification Exam Final Content Outline and participated in all the practice exams. In the end, the best preparation for the exam was the experience I already had in the industry. [Note: The Content Outline is available on the Alliance website here: http://www.acehp.org/p/cm/ld/fid=447]


What would you say to someone considering pursuing the CHCP designation?

Not only is having the CHCP designation a personal benefit within the CME industry, but it’s also beneficial to your organization and its internal and external stakeholders. What’s more, I was surprised by the amount I learned simply preparing for the exam, and believe the designation is a great opportunity for enhancing your professional development by practicing what we all preach: continuing education!

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