Alliance Member Spotlight: Heather Hodge, MEd

What are you most looking forward to with the Alliance in 2018?
As the co-chair of the Medical Specialty Society Committee (MSS), helping to make the MSS section more meaningful to all. While we have an audience united by the fact that we all work for an MSS, we still have a diverse audience in terms of job responsibilities and size. So, we'd like to try to meet the needs of the majority of MSS members! Any input from members is welcome and appreciated!
What Alliance resource do you think is most beneficial to members?
I think the listserv has the potential to be very beneficial. We are going to work on trying to promote this as a resource to more folks in the MSS.
How has the Alliance helped you in your profession?
The Annual Meeting has been a great resource on a variety of topics and a source of inspiration. I've also appreciated the opportunity to give back to the profession by volunteering.
What was your favorite moment or Alliance event you attended or were recently a part of?
I enjoyed a networking event the MSS did in the Chicago area where we had honest and open discussion about outcomes. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who is facing challenges and it's a relief to know that there are others!
Are you part of an Alliance member section? If so, which one?
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