A Conversation with 2017 Annual Conference Chair Deb Gist


Gist.JPGThe Alliance Annual Conference continues to grow over the years – each meeting has been better than the last, and both the conference and exhibition continue to attract a bigger following.

For the 2017 Annual Conference, the committee has endeavored to showcase sessions that have not been showcased elsewhere. This year, our dual themes, Shaping Our Profession. Demonstrating Our Value., focus on a mix of people and their various areas of interest. This enables our attendees on all sides to explore new perspectives and experiences and to take away something new. 

I anticipate the 2017 meeting to paint a clear picture of the CPD profession as I have noticed we continue to suffer a bit from an image problem, perhaps most painfully in our own work settings. We are often perceived as either meeting planners or the rubber stampers for credit. Too many of us have experienced the reality of being the very last door that is knocked upon with a request to accredit an activity that has already been planned.

I offer that what we need to do is to not only change our image from that of “credit givers/meeting planners” to being evidence-based learning strategists who are included at the get-go in quality improvement efforts. With quality improvement education, we are beginning to be able to demonstrate our value. We are at a critical point in how medical care will be reimbursed and we, the CPD professionals, must step up and push our profession forward to ensure we are truly part of the healthcare quality team.

With change there are opportunities, and we, at this critical juncture, need to have both the character and the courage to lead and shape our profession; because if we do not, then others will. For this reason, we are honored to have a West Point graduate, Dave Anderson, as our 2017 keynote speaker. Mirroring the 2017 theme of Shaping Our Profession. Demonstrating Our Value., Anderson’s body of work and experience has been varied and sound. After serving in the military he started a second career in medical sales.  Known for his drive and attention to detail, character and courage, Anderson is ideally suited to provide leadership strategies for the Alliance’s innovative and collaborative community.

Fasten your seatbelts, our time is now! Are you up to the leadership challenge?

Prepare for the 2017 Annual Conference by listening to the 2016 Annual Conference recorded sessions. These sessions are available for purchase and provide you with the opportunity to listen to sessions you missed, share the conference with your colleagues, and choose education that aligns with your specific interests.

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