Talking with QIS Co-Chair Jill Erickson

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Jill Erickson.jpgWhat does science tell us about how individuals, teams and systems learn and improve? How can continuing education help to reshape healthcare and transform the patient experience? At the Cleveland Clinic we'll explore these questions together through a combination of experiential learning, mentoring opportunities and peer engagement. Today's CE professionals are taking the best in learning science and using it to create innovative new approaches to advancing the health professions.

The core themes of Innovation, Quality Improvement, and Research have driven the agenda for QIS.  Attendees will engage in simulations, discussion, and case-based learning on topics such as patient engagement, instructional design, and incorporating CE into quality improvement. Through QIS, you will also create your own personal action plan for implementing what you learn. You will get hands-on experience communicating the value of your work to the wide range of stakeholders that today's CE professionals interact with.

I returned from a phenomenal vacation this week. What made it so special?  Instead of checking emails, taking calls and thinking about work I allowed myself to be fully immersed, engaged with family, friends and experiences in another state. I returned refreshed, with new ideas and motivation.  I hope you have had similar experiences this summer and I also hope you will be joining us at the Cleveland Clinic this fall for the Alliance Quality and Innovation Summit (QIS).

Like an amazing vacation, you will find your experience to be in an environment supportive of full immersion and engagement. Critically important, is the opportunity for all participants to transform content at QIS into relevant, actionable plans for implementation into their own work settings.

As educators, we know this is important. At the same time, how often while at professional meetings do we step out for calls, take business meetings or attend to other responsibilities instead of fully connecting during sessions?

Let's commit to avoid this scenario during QIS. To take advantage of the innovative, interactive and unique content and activities, we are asking you to start developing personal action plans prior to attending.

 To support this, registrants will receive:

  • A simple personal action plan template aligned with the agenda of QIS.   This will allow you to begin reflecting on your goals before QIS and continue to refine and develop them across all time points during the meeting.
  • Social media activities to facilitate sharing and refinement of action plans 
  • Multiple opportunities during QIS will be offered to reflect, connect with each other and incorporate insights and relevant learning into your action plan.  Your plan will serve as a foundation to create an "elevator pitch" to help you articulate how what you do improves the experiences of healthcare professionals and improves patient care

As your own summer vacations come to an end, start planning now to attend QIS at the Cleveland Clinic for another type of immersive, engaging and action oriented experience! See you September 26-28th! 

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