Rock and Roll at the Quality Innovation Summit

Caroline RobinsonBy Caroline O. Robinson, PhD

What were you doing in 1976? While the mid-70s was a great time for music, something else was happening in 1976: The Alliance was born! Over the last 40 years, the Alliance has developed into an organization that seeks to provide multifaceted support to its members, including high-quality programming through its conferences. The newest conference supported by the Alliance is the upcoming, brand-new Quality and Innovation Summit (QIS), to be held Sept. 26-28, 2016, on the Cleveland Clinic campus and within the adjoining Intercontinental Conference Center.

As the newest Alliance-organized meeting, QIS aims to be on bleeding edge of our profession. The QIS Planning Committee has been working tirelessly over the last year to build an agenda around the core themes of innovation, quality improvement and research. We are thrilled with the exciting line-up of speakers, innovations and activities for this conference and want you to be a part of this exciting meeting!

Why Should You Go to QIS?

As you know, Cleveland is home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as well as the Cleveland Clinic. Just as the rock and pop legends personify innovation, energy and the spirit of creativity, great advances in medicine require innovative and creative pioneers. The goal of QIS is to get in touch with this same bleeding edge spirit, providing you with the tools to take what you learn, hear and see back to your organizations.

To really tap into our innovative genius, one of the evening events is a special networking reception at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, open to all QIS attendees! You won’t want to miss this opportunity to mingle and share ideas with your medical education peers as you take in the ambiance of iconic rock and roll legends.

To give you a preview of some other exciting elements of the QIS agenda, I am borrowing from the titles of some chart-topping songs from the year the Alliance was formed to describe how we are shaping what we anticipate will be the most exciting conference in the Alliance’s history. Look hard, as you may see these artists in the hallways of the Hall of Fame!

“Shake, Shake, Shake” (K.C. and The Sunshine Band) — At QIS, you will not just sit in a ballroom; in fact, you won’t sit much at all! Every attendee of the meeting will participate in three small-group simulation education activities at the state-of-the-art Cleveland Clinic Simulation Lab. You will observe the design and implementation of interprofessional team training based on a simulated trauma scenario aimed at improving efficiencies and communication; practice CPR skills and learn what it’s like to correct a colleague who is about to make an error; and identify opportunities to apply simulation in your own setting to ensure the highest quality and safest patient care is delivered. You will then be challenged to identify how you’ll take these practices back to your own organization by working in small groups with an expert facilitator to tie what you see and do in the Simulation Lab to your professional role.

“Take It to the Limit” (The Eagles) — At QIS, you will see innovation in action, through sessions devoted exclusively to innovation. In small groups, you’ll experience workshops and active learning sessions in which your colleagues will present novel, cutting-edge work on medical education models and methods, learning technology, and approaches to designing and measuring improvements in quality of care. In addition, our plenary speakers, Dr. Harry Leider, chief medical officer and group vice president at Walgreens, and Dr. James Stoller, chairman of the Education Institute at the Cleveland Clinic, will engage you in new ideas on how innovation is driving medical education within a premier medical program, as well as how patients and providers will drive change in the way medicine is delivered in the future. We think these sessions will help you envision how you can take your own work to the limit.

“Do You Know Where You’re Going To” (Diana Ross) — We can each likely relate to sometimes finding it a bit challenging to explain what we do everyday, and, importantly, how our work improves healthcare. One of the key themes of QIS focuses on personal action plans. We have planned talks, workshops, tools and even a “Doctor Is In” booth to ensure that each attendee of the meeting can clearly articulate how what you do each day improves the experiences of healthcare professionals and patients. And, you will leave Cleveland with your own personal plan for taking the great ideas, tools, methods and models back to your work and your team. You may even be challenged in your own “elevator pitch” encounter. QIS will arm you to know and clearly articulate where you’re going and how you’re changing the world.

To see the full agenda, learn more about the conference and to register, visit the Alliance website.

See you in Cleveland!

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