Peer-Led EHR Training Saves Physicians' Scarcest Resource: Time

AMA Wire (06/08/2018) Berg, Sara

To reduce stress related to the use of its electronic health record, Southern California Permanente Medical Group (SCPMG) turned to peer-led training. A set of expert physicians, trainers and support staff were sponsored to create an educational program called Kaiser Permanente HealthConnect Essentials (KP HCE). In just three years, more than 4,000 physicians completed the KP HCE course, with over 96 percent recommending the voluntary training to their own peers. Over 80 percent of physicians feel they can now save four to five minutes per hour in new efficiencies after taking the course. Each session is designed to provide three days of protected educational time with no patient responsibilities. Physicians attending these sessions receive continuing medical education (CME) credit, with the amount depending on the specialty and curriculum. "The time is used for learning, building new tools and maximizing system efficiency to ensure that when providers go back to clinic they can immediately start using what they have learned," says Dawn Clark, MD, an ob-gyn at SCPMG. "The protected time HCE is regularly cited in surveys as the best CME ever experienced in a career, among other accolades."

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