Questions and Answers with a Healthcare CPD Associate

Marta Gouge, BS is an Educational Planner in the office of CME at Quillen College of Medicine, East Tennessee State University, where she has been employed since September 2014. She was recently awarded the Healthcare CPD Associate Certificate as one of the September 2016 cohort of exam takers. Below, Marta answers some questions about this achievement.


What motivated you to pursue the Healthcare CPD Associate Certificate? Although introduced to me by my Dean, I believe in the process of CME and the value it brings to continuing education. This encouraged me to pursue the certificate, not to mention my own self-fulfillment.


What is the most important benefit of having the Healthcare CPD Associate Certificate to you as a CME professional? It is important for the medical public to know that continuing education professionals are being held to standards and principles, just as they are. The certificate also speaks to the credibility of our CME office. 


What value does your Healthcare CPD Associate Certificate bring to your organization? As mentioned above, the credibility of being monitored, as well as knowing that we are holding ourselves to standards of knowledge and skills necessary to bring better CME to healthcare providers is certainly a value / investment to East Tennessee State University. The Healthcare CPD Associate Certificate also brings a level of professionalism and commitment to the Office of CME.


How did you prepare for the exam?  Studying the practice questions given and the practice test were the only practice possibilities.  I also studied competencies, criteria and gaps; however, nothing is better than actually having experience in CME.


What would you say to someone considering pursuing the Healthcare CPD Associate Certificate? I believe one really needs to be in CME for at least a year or more before taking the exam. I did not realize how much I did know until actually being asked the questions. 

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