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Saving Lives: A Meta-Analysis of Team Training in Healthcare
Journal of Applied Psychology (09/16) Vol. 101, No. 9, P. 1266; Hughes, Ashley M.; Gregory, Megan E.; Joseph, Dana L.

Effective teamwork in the health care sector is necessary to ensure successful functioning within organizations. Studies show that the prevalence of training interventions designed to enhance teamwork in this sector has increased substantially over the last decade. Using Kirkpatrick's training evaluation framework, researchers conducted a meta-analysis of healthcare team training to quantify its effectiveness and understand the conditions under which it is most successful. The findings indicate that healthcare team training improves each of Kirkpatrick's criteria, including reactions, learning, and transfer. The findings also show that healthcare team training is largely robust in trainee composition, training strategy, and characteristics of the work environment, aside from the reduced effectiveness of team training programs that involve feedback. Additionally, the researchers proposed and found empirical support for a sequential model of health care team training in which team training affects results via learning, and that leads to transfer, which boosts results. The authors assert that the "meta-analysis supports the expanded use of team training and points toward recommendations for optimizing its effectiveness within healthcare settings."

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