Lifelong Learning Improves Patient Care, Invigorates Physicians

ABMS Portfolio Program (12/14/18) Powell, Sean

Sean Powell, a practicing family medicine physician in the Southern California Permanente Medical Group and director of Medical Education for The Permanente Federation, discusses the benefits of lifelong learning. Powell writes that his job entails oversight of the American Board of Medical Specialties Multi-Specialty Portfolio Program for eight Permanente Medical Groups. He notes that a recent Maintenance of Certification (MOC) activity aimed at lowering the number of patients on high-dose opioid prescriptions was developed by leaders in San Diego. "It helped the organization close a care gap and the participating physicians gained better opioid prescribing practices and received MOC credit for the work they put in," Powell recalls. He says that as a Portfolio Program sponsor, the federation can benefit the most when it identifies such deficiencies so it can design activities based on specific organizational goals. "I believe that linking learning to practice and engaging in lifelong professional development in medicine, especially the kind that is facilitated through a well-designed and engaging MOC activity, can improve patient care and is empowering and invigorating for those involved," Powell concludes.

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