Massive Online Courses Find a New Audience With Continuing Medical Education

EdSurge (CA) (01/17/19) Johnson, Sydney

Many colleges and universities are offering free or low-cost massive online courses (MOOCs) in healthcare and medicine to appeal to those seeking continuing medical education (CME). For example, Coursera recently announced it will add a complete healthcare vertical with 100 new courses and 30 new paid "Specialization" course bundles that students can earn certificates for. The company also announced online Master of Public Health degrees from the University of Michigan School of Public Health and Imperial College London. "In terms of the existing [medical] workforce, there is clearly a shift in the skill set that is necessary," notes Coursera co-founder Daphne Koller. "The digitization of healthcare with more data and machine learning has created a skill set that many people didn't study in school." MOOC providers say their offerings are designed to help medical professionals keep their knowledge and skills up to date after graduation. "CME represents a significant market opportunity and we are exploring how we can meaningfully address this space," Koller says. "We have as many as six partners as part of this launch who are CME accredited, and as we further evolve our health content, it seems like a natural next step for us."

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