Q&A with a CHCP

Questions and Answers with a CHCP

Dustin Ensign, CHCP is a Manager, Independent Medical Education working as part of Genentech’s Learning & Clinical Integration Team. He achieved his CHCP designation as one of the December 2016 cohort of exam takers. Below, Dustin shares his experiences regarding becoming a CHCP.


Alliance: How long have you worked in CME?
Dustin Ensign (DE): I have been part of the CME industry since 2010. I still remember my Alliance CME basics course those 6 years ago.


Alliance: What motivated you to pursue the CHCP credential?
DE: I was motivated to pursue the CHCP credential as part of a personal challenge. I knew years ago that I very much enjoyed working in this industry because I saw that what we do really have an impact; though I was rather new to the field and wanted to have proper tenure and training before attempting the exam. Recently, a colleague of mine was planning on taking the exam and we agreed to study hard and work together to pass it. The rest is history.


Alliance: What is the most important benefit being a CHCP to you as a CME professional?
DE: I am excited to join the ranks of other CHCP’s who are actively impacting healthcare. The CHCP designation gives me a sense of accomplishment and provides me another reason to keep learning and being invested in my life-long career. I see it as a commitment to continuing the work of improving care for every patient.


Alliance: What value does your CHCP designation bring to your organization?
DE: Beyond the credibility it provides, I believe the CHCP designation acts a conversation starter. When colleagues ask me, “What is a CHCP?” I get to explain to them; which usually allows me to also share how we are making positive improvements in healthcare. It’s something to be proud of.


Alliance: How did you prepare for the exam?
DE: I’d like to think my studying started in 2010; going to Alliance meetings, other industry summits, and attending educational programs over the years definitely contributed to an understanding of the space. In reality, my studying was about 2 weeks of intense self-directed learning, researching, and multiple educational study sessions. I wanted to learn more than I already thought I did. Honestly, the practice exam was extremely helpful to provide a baseline. It helped me to see the breadth of topics, and that motivated me to learn more and seek out additional knowledge. I even learned a few things that I will incorporate into my future work and development.


Alliance: What would you say to someone considering pursuing the CHCP designation?
DE: Pursuing the CHCP designation is definitely a personal decision, but one that has brought great pride to me personally and professionally. I don’t think I would have felt comfortable taking the test without having spent the time and effort over the years being open to learning and growing. Having a supportive team, committed to my personal and professional growth, was imperative to my success as well. If you are passionate about the work we do, I would absolutely recommend joining the ranks of so many others who every day are contributing to making healthcare better for all. Thanks for this opportunity to share my story. 

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