AAFP Promotes Health Equity Curricular Toolkit

AAFP News (08/12/19) Crawford, Chris

The American Academy of Family Physicians has unveiled its Health Equity Curricular Toolkit, which offers physicians a structured curricular instrument to support discussions about social determinants of health, vulnerable populations, and economics and policy. The toolkit is accompanied by the Guidebook to the Health Equity Curricular Toolkit, featuring a description of the socioecologic framework, the modular design, enablement strategies, a glossary of definitions and health equity resources, and a worksheet to encourage real-time application of an equity lens. "In the face of the current and persistent health disparities experienced by nondominant groups in the U.S., primary care and public health experts need to address the avoidable human-made inequities in healthcare created due to racism, sexism, ageism, ableism, and homo- and transphobia," said the University of Kansas Medical Center's Natabhona Mabachi, Ph.D., M.P.H. The toolkit's social accountability framework tasks users to think about issues of inequities more deeply and to consider their impact on how doctors have taught and practiced medicine. "It also challenges the users to use a collaborative approach to solution-building that requires people of diverse ideas and backgrounds to come together," Mabachi added.

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