Getting Reliable BP Measurements? 4 Benefits of Refresher Training

AMA News Release (07/21/20) Berg, Sara

Blood pressure (BP) refresher training can alert health professionals to any incorrect and/or forgotten steps in the process, according to American Medical Association (AMA) member Jordana Cohen, MD. The AMA and American Heart Association's online "Achieving Accuracy: BP Measurement" module offers a comprehensive and standardized training strategy to help ensure every U.S. health professional can competently measure BP consistently and accurately. Cohen said refresher training can improve physicians' trust in initial BP measurements and help departments identify tools needed in clinics to correct the triage process. Another benefit is boosting physicians and other health professionals' adoption of self-measured blood pressure monitoring. Finally, "it is important to emphasize that BP refresher training is great for people across all levels—it's really appropriate for MDs through MAs and RNs," Cohen said.

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