The RightSTEPS Initiative: Continuing Education Impact on Clinicians' Optimal Medical Therapy Practices for Chronic Heart Failure

Medical Teacher (11/04/20) Wanchoo, Priya; Cohen, Ellen L.; Donnelly-Bensalah, Kathleen; et al.

RightSTEPS, a joint curriculum of the American College of Cardiology and Haymarket Medical Education, sought to help physicians take the correct approach to implementing apply-evidence-based heart failure (HF) management strategies in clinical practice. RightSTEPS applied the PRECEDE-PROCEED Model designed to improve the clinical behavior of learners, with 23 online and live face-to-face activities offering up to 16 credit hours of continuing medical education/continuing nursing education credit. The activities were delivered sequentially in predisposing, enabling and reinforcing phases. The lessons offered concise, pragmatic, and stepwise management strategies to empower clinicians to prescribe evidence-based, guideline-directed optimal medical therapy (OMT) to HF patients. The online predisposing and reinforcing activities had 71,510 learners enrolled, with 23,902 successfully completing activities and post-tests; 763 clinicians participated in the enabling face-to-face activities. RightSTEPS facilitated significant gains in knowledge and competence related to HF OMT among clinician learners. Follow-up surveys also indicated learners wanted to use the guideline-directed strategies in clinical practice. "The RightSTEPS curriculum ... provides a methodological framework to help learners translate knowledge into improvements in clinical behavior with the potential to improve patient health outcomes," the authors conclude.

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