Adoption of New Medical Technologies: The Effects of Insurance Coverage vs Continuing Medical Education

Health Policy and Technology (01/15/20) Namin, Amir T.; Vahdat, Vahab; DiGennaro, Catherine; et al.

New research indicates that continuing medical education (CME) can increase the adoption of customized individually made (CIM) knee implants to 48% in the short term. Insurance usually covers only about half the cost of knee replacement procedures via new technology, compared with 90% for older commercial knee implants. A simulation model of CIM adoption through 2026 found that expanding insurance coverage on a level equal to off-the-shelf knee replacement coverage could raise CIM adoption to 87% in the long term. CME combined with increased insurance coverage yields the most benefit, with the CIM solution forecast to reach 80% of the population undergoing total knee replacement by next year.

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