Characteristics of Individuals Who Chose to Participate in a Preceptor Continuing Professional Development Program

Pharmacy (07/20/2020) Vol. 8, No. 3, P. 121 Shah, Shweta; Chojnacki, Raymond; Meyer, Jodi; et al.

A recent study assessed the traits of participants in an online continuing professional development (CPD) program for pharmacy preceptors at the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Pharmacy. The voluntary program was completed by 35% of potential participants, and residency-trained preceptors were more likely to complete it than those lacking residency training. Preceptors teaching more experiential students also were more likely to finish the program. The authors recommend that including a brief introduction to CPD, a statement of benefits and a personalized plan in advertisements should improve completion by preceptors without residencies. In addition, they recommend promoting the program year-round to allow preceptors with fewer students to complete the training when it is most relevant to their precepting schedule.

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