CE Outcomes Publishes Surveys Analyzing Physician Shifts in Medical Information-Seeking Patterns During COVID-19 Crisis

Policy and Medicine (09/13/2020) Sullivan, Thomas

Surveys by CE Outcomes in March, April and July gauged how the COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped U.S. physicians' medical information-seeking habits. Respondents in March expected that about 25% of their continuing medical education (CME) credits would come from live meetings and that such events would resume within 6-12 months. By July, half doubted they would resume attendance at live meetings for at least another year, while only 9% felt credits would come from live meetings. Meanwhile, 36% of respondents in March believed COVID-19 would have no significant effect on their ability to stay up-to-date on the latest clinical information in their specialty, but that figure shrank to 10% in July. CE Outcomes also rated engagement with national and international meetings as they went online, with more physicians expecting to do so in July compared to March and April. The surveys also found that as of July, 51% of respondents had participated in CME related to COVID-19 and 82% of specialists had participated in CME on other topics since March 1. In anticipation of future CME topics, most respondents said they would like the latest findings on treatments, updates on a potential vaccine and content specific to their own specialty on how the coronavirus is affecting underlying conditions and potential long-term effects.

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