Viewpoints on Healthcare Delivery Science Education Among Practicing Physicians in a Rural State

Advances in Medical Education and Practice (01/11/21) Vol. 2021, No. 12, P. 29 Weeks, Kristin; Swanson, Morgan; Manorot, Amanda

A qualitative assessment of practicing physicians' experiences of and interests in Healthcare Delivery Science Education (HDSE) in a rural state involved a survey of 18 clinicians from a rural, Midwestern state. Common themes that respondents mentioned included HDSE's potential for improving patient care and practice efficiency. Yet many respondents had not received longitudinal, diversified, didactic or practical HDSE. Many lacked the time to pursue HDSE opportunities but were interested in the example HDSE certificate program. The findings indicate that, if developed, innovative HDSE programs would be of interest and utilized.

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