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SIGs are designed to provide you with an opportunity get expert advice, provide support to your peers and contribute thought leadership on five key topics areas: research, technology, advocacy, quality improvement and IPE.

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  • Share your passion in advancing education & healthcare through research efforts
  • Learn about data collection, assessment and outcome measurements


Quality ImprovementQuality Improvement (QI) & Implementation Science

  • Use QI & quality metrics as drivers for effective, efficient high quality healthcare
  • Explore best practices and utilize evidence-based guidelines


Quality ImprovementTechnology

  • Learn how technology can be used to improve your medical education program
  • Apply technology to social media, assessment tools, educational platforms, and mobile education


Quality Improvement Inter-professional Education (IPE)

  • Learn about the importance & expectations of IPE for better patient care
  • Explore and discuss the ideal education for IPE participants



  • Learn and share best practices about leadership