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2016 - 2018 Strategic Plan

The Alliance strategic planning prepares the organization and the profession to achieve goals and set objectives in order to negotiate our changing healthcare environment. Our strategic plan is systematically reviewed annually as well as throughout the year to ensure relevancy and value to continuing healthcare educators. Input to the strategic plan is gathered from the Membership, Committee, Section, SIG leaders and the Board of Directors. 

Goal 1.0: Professionalism 
Promote and sustain the values and vision by which the continuing healthcare education profession and professional thrives.

Objective 1.1: Develop an educators’ curriculum that aligns with members’ professional needs and expectations

[1.1.a.] Action: Establish measurable goals and objectives for the continuous improvement of education in order to expand the knowledge and skills of continuing healthcare educators
[1.1.b.] Action: Evaluate current educational assets 
[1.1.c.] Action: Identify and categorize educational assets of value for the membership 

Goal 2.0: Strategic Outreach
Strengthen strategic alliances to advance engagement in the continuing education community and the position and utilization of the Alliance. 

Objective 2.1: Identify and prioritize federal and state regulations and policies and other healthcare trends

[2.1.a.] Action: Increase membership knowledge on key issues that affect the value and engagement of the profession and the professional

Objective 2.2: Engage key strategic accreditation, regulatory, and continuing professional development organizations in the healthcare industry

[2.2.a.] Action: Implement regular meetings and maintain a presence at meetings with key organizations

Goal 3.0: Membership Engagement
Build positive experiences to attract, develop and retain members through relevant forums, benefits and resources.

Objective 3.1: Enhance member communities to foster engagement and professional knowledge  

[3.1.a.] Action:  Cultivate year round engagement opportunities through sharing relevant and innovative information and resources and support leadership development for effective succession planning
[3.1.b.] Action: Expand membership engagement through year-round peer-to-peer networking opportunities.

Objective 3.2:
Pilot a membership dues model to an identified membership community

[3.2.a.] Action: Determine dues model price point as well as potential add-on benefits for membership engagement, retention and growth
[3.2.b.] Action: Assess international interprofessional continuing healthcare educators for membership engagement and recruitment

Objective 3.3: Institute an effective volunteer leadership development plan

[3.3.a.] Action:  Develop a process of systematically identifying, assessing, and developing membership talent to ensure leadership continuity

BOD revision & approval 12/20/2017

Your Board of Directors welcomes your feedback and invites you to email them at acehp@acehp.org