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2019 - 2021 Strategic Plan

The Alliance strategic planning prepares the organization and the Continuing Professional Development Profession to achieve goals and set objectives to negotiate our changing healthcare environment. Our strategic plan is a living document. It is systematically reviewed to ensure relevancy and value to the professional and the profession. Input during the strategic planning process is gathered from members, leadership, colleagues, and the board of directors. 

Strategic Goal 1.0: Professionalism 
Equip the Continuing Education Profession with the critical skills it needs to succeed in the changing healthcare arena.

     Objective 1.1: Drive the Curriculum Planning Process based on foundational educational tenets
                            (National Learning Competencies© and Core & Specialized Knowledge, Skills & Attitudes©)

Strategic Goal 2.0: Strategic Outreach and Collaboration
Advance and drive the Continuing Education Profession.

     Objective 2.1: Focus the voice of the Continuing Education Profession for consistent and strategic messaging

     Objective 2.2: Formalization of strategic partnerships to further enhance national reputation

Strategic Goal 3.0: Membership Engagement
Create a professional home for Continuing Education Professionals.

     Objective 3.1: Build enriching and engaging member-centric activities

Strategic Goal 4.0: Leadership
Elevate the leadership skills of the Alliance leadership to ensure the long-term sustainability of the organization.  

     Objective 4.1: Advance leadership skills through leadership development to foster organizational growth,
                             sustainability, and succession planning

     Objective 4.2: Hold the Board of Directors and the leadership accountable for achieving the strategic goals
                             through dialogue, deadlines, and measurable outcomes

BOD approval 11/13/2018

Your Board of Directors welcomes your feedback and invites you to email them at acehp@acehp.org