National Learning Competencies

Alliance National Learning Competencies Released by Board of Directors for Interprofessional Participation

The Alliance for Continuing Education in the Health Professions (Alliance) National Learning Competencies are unique in the field of continuing education in the health professions as a comprehensive compendium of CEhp practitioner abilities. Drawing upon the Dreyfus Model of Skill Acquisition, the Alliance National Learning Competencies provide a staged approach to the development of proficiency and expertise in the field. The eight Competency Areas represent different yet interconnected components of CEhp that, taken together, form the foundation for excellence in the field.

The National Learning Competencies are designed to describe the abilities needed for success and to outline a professional development pathway for CEhp practitioners. Self-assessment and monitoring of performance in each area will support CEhp practitioners’ lifelong learning journeys. The Competencies also provide a framework for position descriptions, performance expectations, and career growth.

CEhp practitioners can look to the Alliance for CEhp National Learning Competencies to guide their own performance, professional development, and career aspirations.

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