MSS Meetings

To maintain the professional development and networking component of the previously held summer meetings, the MSS Section leadership will be planning educational networking opportunities in Chicago and Washington, DC to discuss a "hot" topic. These "get-togethers" are designed to be an informal way to keep in touch with colleagues without you having to take a full day out of the office. 

The next event is scheduled for Tuesday, June 27 at 2 p.m. at the at the Alliance Headquarters Office in Washington, DC. Registration is open! These networking events are open to MSS members and non-members, and are planned to be affordable, don't take much time out of the office, and are easy to get to. The topics are focused based on the specific attendees, and there's an opportunity to make new connections. 

Did you attend the networking event in Chicago, IL on March 23? If so, visit the MSS Member Section Community page to continue the conversation on the challenges you face with evaluations and outcomes. 

Questions? Please contact the Office at (202) 367-1151 or email us at