Federal Health Care Educators

Our Purpose:

The purpose of the Federal Health Care Educators Member Section is to assist continuing healthcare education professionals in addressing the needs created by changes in federal health care delivery, as well as in the continuing education environment. Section meetings provide an opportunity for federal educators to discuss common issues, goals and challenges that effect them and examine areas for common/joint ventures to strengthen professional education in government settings.

Members will:

  • Review and discuss the latest changes, issues and learner needs in federal settings,
  • Discuss opportunities to share and leverage resources, products and activities that have already been developed,
  • Discuss partnering among government agencies to reduce or eliminate redundancies with regard to educational activities and products, by joint development or sharing of educational activities.

Who We Are:

All federal providers of continuing healthcare education working in Veterans Affairs, Department of Defense, Public Health Services, National Institute of Health, Defense Health Agency, FDA and Bureau of Prisons, to mention a few. 

Section Leader:
Gabrielle Benenson
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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