Member Sections

A Member Section is defined as a group of people in a common work environment. People who join the Alliance come from many backgrounds and interests with a common bond in continuing medical education. They come to the Alliance to learn information of general interest to everyone involved in continuing education in the health professions and also to pursue topics related to their particular environment. They also desire to interact with colleagues in similar positions to share challenges and solutions. This is the purpose of Member Sections within the Alliance.

Want to get involved?

You can get involved with a Member Section in several ways:

  • Designate on your website Profile the Member Section most related to your work environment. Your name will then be affiliated with that Member Section in the Membership Database and online Directory. You will receive any communication sent specifically to that Member Section.
  • Click on the Communities menu item from any page in the website. You may sign up to participate in your particular Member Section's announcements and other interactions (available to Alliance Members only). You can originate and receive communication for that group and will be able to respond.
  • You may also visit a Member Section web page (links at the left) or contact the national office to learn who the elected leader of your Member Section is. You can then contact that person to become more familiar with what other activities may be available.
  • Plan to attend a Member Section meeting at the Alliance Annual Conference. This is a time for professionals in similar work environments to meet and discuss what is happening within their setting. Member Section meetings are scheduled for the afternoon prior to the Annual Conference.

Membership in the Alliance provides valuable benefits for members throughout their professional career. Take advantage of the Alliance's Member Sections as you advance throughout your career.

Alliance Member Sections

Federal Health Care Educators
Health Care Education Organizations (HCEO)
Hospitals and Health Systems
Medical Education Companies (MEC)
Medical Schools
Medical Specialty Societies 
Industry Alliance for CE (IACE)
State Medical Societies
Professionals with Educational Expertise, Resources and Services (PEERS)       

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