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Call for Awards!

The AIS Committee is holding a call for submissions for the Best in Class Awards. The call is now open and will run through March 6th at 5pm ET. Learn more about each call and submit your application today!

Best in Class Awards

Share your Best in Class Outcomes during the AIS Opening Session. This session will showcase high-quality outcome-based programs that effectively report the measured impact of educational initiatives that have been successful in addressing identified gaps through education that resulted in quality of patient care improvements and/or behavior change. Final outcomes are not required; interim data analyses reflecting the impact of the initiative will also be considered.


What is AIS?

Each year we bring together expert faculty to address the specific and relevant needs of industry professionals at this, evidence-based, interactive and engaging event. AIS will provide attendees with the tools to think through a constellation of needs that exist, the multiple agents that influence decisions, and the need to coordinate care in a better way so that learning can be used to apply principles into practice.

Attend this year’s summit and network with experts and peers as you discuss the changes impacting healthcare today and our role in the ever evolving future of patient care. After two full days, you’ll come away with best practices and actionable tools you can use to support independent medical education(IME) and ultimately help foster better patient care.

Summit Objectives

Through AIS, attendees will:

  1. Increase individual skill sets related to the Alliance National Learning Competencies to support life-long learning in the CPD field.
  2. Evaluate the role of Real World Evidence in IME and our potential collaborations with other healthcare stakeholders who share interests in using Real World Evidence to improve population health.
  3. Assess opportunities to incorporate the patient voice into educational design and support.
  4. Incorporate effective practices of educational outcomes and data analytics into strategic planning.
  5. Improve communication that demonstrates the impact education has on closing healthcare gaps.


Who Should Attend?

AIS is designed for healthcare education stakeholders from:

  • Industry: AIS will focus on the opportunity to connect and converse with industry colleagues and provide insights that can be shared across the various needs of industry members.
  • Providers: AIS will give you the chance to learn more about what supporters are looking for in grant applications, learn directly from industry colleagues on the issues they face and gain contacts to help move projects forward.
  • Payers
  • Care Management Groups
  • Employers
  • Advocacy Organizers
  • Clinical Behavior Researchers


Questions about AIS or any of our year round educational opportunities? Contact us at