Competency Assessment & Lifelong Learning Series (C.A.L.L.S.)

The Alliance is pleased to offer the Competency Assessment & Lifelong Learning Series (CALLS), a set of online learning tracks that support unique professional development opportunities. Suggested eLearning Tracks by Experience and Area of Focus


Level 1: Core Objectives



 Proficiency in CME is the most expedient and engaging way to enhance your knowledge and competency of core CME principles.


This module explores adult learning principles to help you in your role of supporting healthcare professionals' learning and change - and- healthcare professionals of all kinds – from nurses and physicians assistants, to physicians and pharmacists. You will have the opportunity to study key concepts in Adult Learning (including Reflection, Experience, and Learning Styles). You will also explore current and future directions of CEHP.

This module focuses on the integration of concepts and the importance of linking your objectives to the gaps and needs of your learners, the right learning experience, and your assessment methods. We will review how to connect these key principles in education design - all integral in your effort to design CE for learning and change.

“Start with the end in mind!” You’ll be learning about measuring the “performance” of both your CE activities and your overall CE program. They are linked. The performance of your CE program is based on the performance of your CE activities. This module will take you through the process of making decisions about the expected results of your CE activities, and how to select the most appropriate assessment strategies. You’ll tackle the challenges and frameworks for assessing changes in knowledge, competence and performance in your learners, and measure the overall success of your CE program.

LEVEL 2: Targeted Skill Development

Recommended for the CME professionals with 3 or more years of experience looking to achieve a competitive edge. Offered in a variety of competencies to not only improve your job performance, but to get you noticed. Learners will engage in interactive exercises, diagrams, case studies and worksheets that help them integrate a review of their own CE materials into their preparation process. We'll keep you posted as we launch new competency-based self-directed eLearning modules.

LEVEL 3: Exam Preparation

level_one_arrow.pngCHCP EXAM PREP
Are you an experienced CME professional in pursuit of the CHCP designation? The CHCP Exam Prep Learning Track provides an individually tailored learning experience providing you with the most relevant information necessary for successful exam performance.

This program is supported in part by educational grants from Pfizer, Inc and AstraZeneca LP.

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"In addition to the great content, adult learning principles are incorporated throughout the track and technology is effectively leveraged to allow learners to truly customize their own learning experience. Thank you for offering this course!" -- Sharon L. Park, PharmD, Senior Manager, Independent Medical Education, Astellas Pharma Global Development


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"I was especially happy with being able to set my level of detail for subjects where I needed more or less detail. I learned more about key studies in adult learning than in years worth of following literature. Most importantly, I passed the CHCP!" -- Dion Andrew Richetti, CHCP, Formerly General Manager at DIME, currently Director of Accreditation and Recognition Services at the ACCME