CE, CPD & CME Matter: Improving Healthcare Through Education


Everyday Alliance members work to improve healthcare in this country by developing, delivering, measuring and funding certified continuing education. This is our chance to tell our story on why CE & CME Matter!


CMEpalooza Spring

“Why We Matter: Successful Strategies for Demonstrating the Value of CE within Your Own Organization”

April 8, 2015

Every CE stakeholder shares a single mission – improve healthcare. However, we are challenged in articulating our work’s value and impact on healthcare. One panelist from a commercial supporter, MEC, hospital, and society will share specific strategies they’ve used to successfully demonstrate CE’s value within their own organization. Success in telling their story demonstrates effectiveness in improving clinician knowledge, performance, and patient health, helps their organization retain/grow budgets to expand their mission, justifies their department’s existence, enhances opportunities for collaboration within their own organization, and contributes to the overall CE enterprise.


ReachMD Lifelong Learning Series