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The Alliance SQUIRE Tool

Alliance, in collaboration with BMJ (British Medical Journal) has developed Alliance SQUIRE-Powered by BMJ Quality. This customized version of the BMJ Quality platform is one of the educational tools Alliance is incorporating into the Quality Improvement Education Initiative. Developed by FCEhp (Foundation for Continuing Education for the Health Professions), the Quality Improvement Education Initiative is at its core a multi-stakeholder collaboration created to help guide the transformation of the nation’s healthcare system through education.

What is SQUIRE? 

Standards for Quality Improvement Reporting Excellence was created by a consortium at Dartmouth University and adopted by many peer reviewed journals. SQUIRE recognizes the differences in QI “impact analysis” vs. RCTs “clinical effectiveness”. The customized tool provides a standardized template for design, detailing and identification of interventions, data collection and analysis. 

Once logged into the tool, the system, designed with help tools and examples for each step of the process, will walk you through these essential elements helping you shape and define your program. 

  • Background and local problem
  • Description of the interventions
  • Standard Measurement Metrics (before and after)
  • Ethical issues
  • Results
  • Challenges and barriers
  • Financial implications

Why Alliance SQUIRE

Alliance SQUIRE Tool will help educators bridge the gap between QI and education teams. It provides a planning template that integrates Education and QIE projects using a standardized format to describe interventions. Any accrediting organizations education format is accepted. The framework can be used for issuing or responding to RFPs as well as facilitate peer review for publication of case studies and best practices.

Accessing Alliance SQUIRE

The Alliance SQUIRE is a free Alliance membership benefit. We offer two options to access the Alliance SQUIRE tool:

Option 1 – For those who would like to review the tool, navigate around and get a feel for it. We have  “sandbox” access.  Interested in "sandbox" access? Email and we will send you a UserID and password good for up to 30 days.

Option 2 – For those professionals who would like an Alliance SQUIRE license, follow the instructions below to access the Alliance SQUIRE License application. Access to the Alliance SQUIRE tool is an free Alliance member benefit. Currently complimentary licenses will be available to nonmembers. *Alliance reserves the right to charge a fee for nonmember users on their annual SQUIRE license anniversary date.  

Alliance members:  

Step 1: Click here to access the application

Step 2: Log into the application with your Alliance UserID and Password



Step 1: Click on the Create an Account link at the upper right hand of the screen, then click on the link: Create a Non-Member Account with Alliance

Step 2: Complete the online profile and submit. You will receive a Welcome email from Alliance staff and a second email with your UserID and temporary password created for SQUIRE access only.

Step 3: Click here to access the application

Step 4: Log into the application with your Alliance site UserID and Password

Step 5: To change your system generated password, click My Options (upper right corner of the page); My Profile; Actions

Once the application is complete, you will receive your userID, access code and instructions within 3 business days. *Alliance reserves the right to charge a fee for nonmember users on their annual SQUIRE license anniversary date.  

Alliance SQUIRE Awards Program Announced!

All Alliance SQUIRE tool users are eligible to receive an award at our first annual Alliance SQUIRE awards showcase, to be held at the Quality & Innovation Summit (QIS), September 26-28, 2016.

Awards will be given in the following categories:

  • Overall Excellence
  • Excellence in Design
  • Excellence in Methods
  • Excellence in Outcomes
  • Excellence in Discussion
  • Awards for Best Multi-Disciplinary Approaches

To receive an award, you must enter sufficient data into the Alliance SQUIRE tool by July 30, 2016. All active licensed users will receive a certificate of appreciation and an Alliance SQUIRE participant ribbon.

Please note that you do not need to have a completed project in order to be eligible for an award. New and in-progress projects will be eligible for section specific awards. For information on how to qualify and apply contact

Learn more about Alliance SQUIRE and the QIE Initiative

Alliance offers a series of SQUIRE tool training sessions and QI webinars. Click here for dates, times and details. 

Miss a session? No worries. Each webinar is recorded and available on demand within 10 days of the live date.  Go to our Learning Center to learn more!