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2017 Alliance Webinar Schedule
November 30, 2017 Value in Healthcare: QI Sustainability and Scaling Up (2017 QI Education Series Part II - Complementary Registration) Register For Webinar

Value in Healthcare: QI Sustainability and Scaling Up

Learning Objective 1: Define the difference between sustaining and scaling related to quality improvement.

Learning Objective 2: Identify tools, techniques, and approaches to aid in sustaining the impact of a QI initiative.

Learning Objective 3: Describe approaches to aid in scaling the impact of a QI initiative from the original group of stakeholders.

Target Audience: Federal Health Care Educators, Healthcare Education Organizations, Hospitals and Health Systems, Medical Education Companies (MEC), Medical Schools, Industry Alliance for Continuing Education – IACE, Professionals with Educational Expertise Resources and Services (PEERS)

Alignment to National Learning Competencies:  NLC 3.png Measuring the Effectiveness of CEhp Activities and the Impact of Overall CEhp Program, NLC 8.png Engaging in Systems Thinking and CEhp

Jackie Lombos, MS, PCMH CCE, Assistand Director, Education, NCQA; Sara Miller, Director, Quality Improvement Institute, Med-IQ LLC; Caroline Pardo, PhD, CHCP, Senior Director of Learning and Analytics, PRIME Education, LLC (PRIME)

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