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2019 Educational Webinar Series

August 28, 2019
2-3 pm ET

Help! Where Do We Begin? – A Beginner’s Guide to MOC Register Now

September 19, 2019
2-3 pm ET

Common Pitfalls and Missed Opportunities in CE Instructional Design: A Focus on Easy and Cost-effective Solutions Register Now

October 2, 2019
2-3 pm ET

Interrupting Their Forgetting Curve: Practical, Evidence-Based Tips for the Educational Designer Register Now

Best Practices by the Accredited Provider, for the Accredited Provider

Members: $40   Non-member: $75

In today’s medical education field, the discussion continues to focus on the effect of continuing medical education (CME) with the performance of physicians in the practice.  The dynamic between education and performance is of great importance to health service managers, quality improvement coordinators, guideline implementers, licensing bodies, policymakers, practitioners, and others. Often, we highlight that CME can and should lead to change in clinical performance.  It is echoed  through the principles of the accreditation process used by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education and to systems of relicensure, recertification, and many other stakeholders in the US healthcare system.  This two-part webinar series will highlight practical instructional design principles used to positively influence learning and changed behavior.  Identify how your peers in healthcare education use a variety of benchmarks, including CME accreditation and commendation criteria, to leverage their program in advancing clinical practice. The faculty will emphasize how medical education design continues to shift from simply improving knowledge to identify mechanisms that increasingly engage clinicians in learning activities that provide targeted teaching beyond didactic lectures. As we peer into the coming months, hear how practicing clinicians are being integrated with the core competencies of practice-based learning and improvement. 


Ed Dellert, RN, MBA, CAE, CHCP, Chief Policy and Learning Officer, American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy; Gayla Bruner, BSN, RN, CHCP, Director, Continuing Medical Education, Memorial Hermann Health System; Ailene Cantelmi, MFA, Director, Educational Development, The France Foundation; Hilary Schmidt, PhD, Co-Founder, Callibre Institute for Quality Medical Education

Help! Where Do We Begin? – A Beginner’s Guide to MOC

Members: $25   Non-member: $55

Approaching MOC may seem daunting for accredited CME providers, many of whom are already working in departments that are under-resourced and/or understaffed. Further, some CME professionals are simply being tasked to “start doing MOC.” While a CME program or individual CME professionals may be interested in integration of MOC with their existing CME program, many don’t readily know where to start or what changes might need to occur to the planning process.
This session aims to provide a practical approach for CME professionals to 1) engage with the MOC requirements across those boards currently collaborating with the ACCME – ABIM, ABP, ABA and ABPath and 2) begin to develop a plan for integrating MOC into their current CME program.

The session is targeted primarily at those individuals who are new to CME and/or those who may be more experienced in CME but are not yet familiar with MOC. 


Carlye Armstrong, Director of Operations at AOE Consulting; Sarah Porter, Program Manager at AOE Consulting

Common Pitfalls and Missed Opportunities in CE Instructional Design: A Focus on Easy and Cost-effective Solutions

Members: $25   Non-member: $55

The webinar will focus on improving skills in the effective use of several of the most underutilized and non-optimally implemented instructional design (ID) features in CE activities; features that have been proven to facilitate learning and lead to performance improvement.  These ID features are rooted in the science of human learning and can dramatically improve learner engagement, accelerate understanding of new information, and most importantly increase the likelihood that learners will recall and use new concepts and apply skills at the point of care – to help close important healthcare gaps.     The specific focus will be on important ID features that were identified as rarely used, and non-optimally implemented by a rigorous objective, independent analysis of over 100 online CE activities; these features, when effectively implemented, can motivate learners at the outset (engagement), sustain interest and attention (i.e. prevent dropping out or tuning out), and create conditions that have been shown to be necessary for new concepts and skills to be learned rapidly, remembered, and used in practice (i.e. transferred to real world settings to improve outcomes).


Hilary Schmidt, PhD, Co-Founder, The Callibre Institute for Quality Medical Education

Interrupting Their Forgetting Curve: Practical, Evidence-Based Tips for the Educational Designer

Members: $25   Non-member: $55

Did you know that forgetting is a key component of learning?  Did you know that as far back as 1885 we have known how to interrupt forgetting by utilizing principles of learning science and cognitive psychology?

This one hour webinar will arm you with evidence-based strategies and formats that you can select and incorporate into your own educational designs.  As “learning engineers” ensuring concepts such as chunking, retrieving, predicting and practicing are adopted into your design plans can directly impact the learning outcomes needed. These easy-to-adopt strategies will be ready for you to use at work the very next day. 

Overall Goal: Participants should be able to incorporate evidence-based strategies that directly impact their learners forgetting leading to improved learning outcomes.


Chris Keenan, MSN, RB, CCRN, CHSE, Learning Architect, Education Division, American College of Cardiology

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