QIE Initiative

Launched with the following purpose:

  • To integrate healthcare continuing education consistently and successfully with quality improvement as an ongoing paradigm shift from volume based delivered patient care to quality based delivered patient care
  • To foster a universal appreciation of the value of continuing healthcare education and educators with Quality Improvement (QI) stakeholders while broadening the outreach to the interprofessional healthcare team

The QIE Initiative is dedicated to a collaborative and transparent development process. Alliance members, as stakeholders in healthcare continuing education, will be invited to provide ongoing input on priorities due to their professional workplace perspective.

Are you interested in attending the SQUIRE writers conference. Click here to learn more about this annual program. 

QIE Roadmap: The Quality Improvement Education (QIE) Roadmap: A Pathway to Our Future

This is an important time for leaders in continuing education. As healthcare delivery systems rethink how best to advance patient care, and accelerate improvements in patient safety, effectiveness and value – tremendous opportunity exists to systematically integrate educational programming into evolving health systems’ emerging learning solutions. By bridging current gaps between continuing education and quality improvement initiatives within health systems, Alliance members will affect significant, measureable impact for patients, who increasingly will be managed under the auspices of value-driven care delivery models.

The QIE Roadmap authors, advisory panel and commentary group have asked Alliance members to review and provide feedback on the QIE Roadmap. Your comments guided the QIE Initiative, identified collaborators and external stakeholders, and ultimately, will help change the paradigm for education connected directly to QI.

QIE Tools: The QIE Roadmap is the guide for development of QIE Tools for Alliance members. In 2015, FCEhp embarked on the development of a custom version of the standardized tool that QI leaders use when designing, delivering and reporting on the effectiveness of their QI interventions. The tool is "SQUIRE." FCEhp is raising funds to customize the tool for educators, deliver the tool to Alliance members, and train Alliance members on its use. 

The benefits of using the SQUIRE tool are three-fold:

1. Enable education providers to use a consistent methodology, well-established by QI and other healthcare stakeholders, in designing, delivering and reporting on the impact of educational interventions

2. Enable education grantors to similarly request the use of a consistent methodology in applying for grant funding, then reporting on its impact and benefits to patients

3. Create a database of education interventions and impact, that can be used in meta analyses to clarify the value of different types of interventions as applied to various gaps in care, then communicate this value to the public to validate the benefits of healthcare education, and provide support for ongoing funding of educational programs

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