Certification of Healthcare CPD Professionals

This certification program is for individuals in the Healthcare CPD field who wish to demonstrate their competence and earn the designation of Certified Healthcare CPD Professional (CHCP, formerly CCMEP™). The program includes self-assessment tools to assist in identifying strengths and gaps in knowledge across the broad spectrum of Healthcare CPD and encourages professionals to pay attention to their own continuous professional development (CPD).

The CHCP program consists of Initial Certification, which requires candidates to document their professional qualifications and successfully pass a proctored three-hour examination and Recertification, which is available to CHCPs who have documented a Portfolio of performance improvement activities or who choose to sit for and pass the current form of the CHCP exam. Recertification will be required every three years but once certified, CHCPs who maintain their certification will not be required to sit for another proctored exam.

CHCPs who allow their certification to lapse will be required to complete the currently available validated, secure, three-hour certification examination in order to be reinstated and will need to re-establish eligibility.

Active CHCPs will receive reminders approximately 3 months before the expiration date noted on their certificates. Candidates for  Recertification will submit evidence that they have continued to participate in CPD activities and engaged in the professional community since their previous certification.

Why Seek CHCP Certification?

Benefits to Individuals

  • Motivates individuals to maintain a career path [not just a job] in Healthcare CPD
  • Provides tangible evidence of self-improvement and pursuit of one’s own continuous professional education
  • Offers the potential to increase earning power and open up new career opportunities
  • Certificate and lapel pin
  • Allows the use of the CHCP credential on stationery and business cards
  • Names are posted online in the “Registry of Certified Healthcare CPD Professionals
  • Provides opportunities to volunteer for CHCP related activities within the Alliance

Benefits to Employers

  • Raises the level of staff awareness and knowledge of Healthcare CPD rules and regulations
  • A risk-management strategy to lessen the risk of non-compliance
  • Can improve the level of communication with Healthcare CPD partners
  • Documents evidence of continuous personal improvement and staff development within the organization
  • Complements the certification programs of other healthcare professionals
  • Aids in recruiting, evaluating, promoting and retaining valuable Healthcare CPD staff
  • Offers opportunities to publicize organizational excellence and commitment to the Healthcare CPD community