Certification of Healthcare Continuing Professional Development Professional (CHCP) and the Healthcare Continuing Professional Development Associate Certificate


It is imperative that the professional stay educated about new trends and maintain relevance within the continuing health education profession. The public deserves assurance that continuing professional development (CPD) is being managed by persons who understand principles of adult learning and professional development, know how to frame clinical content for maximum impact, and can wisely interpret the rules and regulations that define the field. Healthcare CPD Professionals are responsible for maintaining the integrity of activities essential for re-licensure of more than 600,000 practicing physicians and 60,000 practicing physician assistants and other Healthcare CPD professionals in the US.

The CHCP Commission developed the certification in order to provide standards of minimal competency for individuals working in the healthcare continuing education field. The certification is achieved through a defensible, industry-wide process (job analysis/role delineation) that results in an outline of required knowledge and skills. 

Certification of Healthcare CPD Professional (CHCP)

The purpose of the Certified Healthcare CPD professional (CHCP) credential is to provide an educational self‐assessment experience to individuals employed in the Healthcare CPD field while defining a standard of minimal competence for the healthcare education profession. 

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Healthcare CPD Associate Certificate

The Healthcare CPD Associate certificate supports the documentation of knowledge and skills by individuals working in the healthcare CPD/CME/CE field.

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