Certified Healthcare CPD Professional (CHCP) and the Healthcare CPD Associate Certificate

Show the Profession You're a Qualified CPD Professional

Take the next step in your career as a CPD professional!  Register now and take the Certified Healthcare CPD Professional (CHCP) exam or Healthcare CPD Associate Certificate exam.

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Why Get Certified?

There is a need in our healthcare environment to demonstrate you possess knowledge, skills, and abilities which will validate your professionalism and competency to your organization, peers, and yourself. With the CHCP credential or as a CPD Associate Certificate holder you are providing tangible evidence of self-improvement and continuing professional education in advancing the profession and your career.

Learn more about the CHCP credential and CPD Associate Certificate and start preparing for the exam today.

Already Certified?

Don't let your credential lapse! Be a life-long learner and take education to qualify for re-certification. Our marketing tool kit supports the promotion of your CHCP credential. Don't forget: encourage your colleagues to take the CHCP exam.

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