CHCP Exam Preparation Materials

Content Outline

The Content Outline is provided as a study guide for persons preparing for the Certification Exam. Additional suggestions for preparing for the exam are included in the Candidates Handbook.

To learn more about the recent updates to the CHCP exam, visit the Alliance Almanac Hub to view the article, The Alliance Certification Program for Healthcare CPD Professionals: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Aligning Content for the New Exam with the Evolving CPD Profession

Preparation Resources

To assist candidates in assessing knowledge and skills in preparation for taking the CHCP Exam, please purchase our 2018 CHCP Practice Exam.  

Learn the the ins and outs of becoming certified and how earning this credential can take your career to the next level by viewing the Alliance's free 30-minute webinar, "Introduction to the Certification of Healthcare CPD Professionals (CHCP)."

CHCP Preparation Webinar Series

Earning your CHCP credential showcases to your employer, peers, and yourself that you are a skilled CEhp professional. To help you prepare for the CHCP exam, the Alliance is pleased to announce our new “Lunch and Learn” fall webinar series, where industry experts supply participants with the resources necessary to obtain their CHCP credential. Webinar participants will review topics, models, principles of adult learning, educational design, and evaluation related to the CHCP exam.

Register today for the following webinars to start preparing for your CHCP exam:

Webinar #1: Adult Learning in CE in the Health Professions

In this webinar, presenters will review key concepts and principles from the field of CE in the health professions to help CHCP exam candidates prepare to apply evidence to promote improved practice for healthcare teams and healthcare professionals. Participants will also learn how to apply organizational learning principles that facilitate learning, change in CEhp, and incorporate accepted theory and evidence regarding how healthcare professionals learn.

Content topics include:

  1. Adult learning principles and self-directed learning
  2. Interprofessional education
  3. Formal and informal learning
  4. Psychosocial factors and stages of change
  5. Clinicians' learning preferences
  6. Nature of instructional interventions that facilitate change in individuals and teams
  7. Learning organizations and knowledge management

Date: Tuesday, October 9

Time: 1:00 – 2:00 pm ET

Speakers: Mary Martin Lowe, PhD and Debbie Platek, MS

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Webinar #2: Educational Design

In this webinar, presenters will review key concepts and principles from the field of CE in the health professions to help CHCP exam candidates prepare to perform and analyze results of gap analyses and assessment of underlying educational needs. Participants will also learn how to identify target audience(s) and their professional competencies that are relevant to the needed education, and create learning objectives that reflect desired learner change(s) using current models.

Content topics include:

  1. Conducting gap analyses and needs assessments
  2. Using needs assessments to guide educational planning,
  3. Utilizing Bloom’s Taxonomy
  4. Writing SMART objectives Identify appropriate instructional formats

Date: Tuesday, October 16

Time: 1:00 – 2:00 pm ET

Speakers: Mary Martin Lowe, PhD and Debbie Platek, MS

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Webinar #3: Designing CE Interventions and Assessing their Impact 

In this webinar, presenters will review key concepts and principles from the field of CE in the health professions to help CHCP exam candidates prepare to design and/or supervise the development of educational activities. Participants will also discover how to design, implement and analyze the results of educational activities.

Content topics include:

  1. Identifying appropriate instructional formats based on needs and desired results
  2. Identifying levels of outcomes (e.g., Moore's levels of outcomes) and stages of learning to be measured
  3. Determining the methods for the assessment (e.g., quantitative, qualitative, mixed methods), Performing the assessment
  4. Analyzing and reporting on the results

Date: Tuesday, October 23

Time: 1:00 – 2:00 pm ET

Speakers: Mary Martin Lowe, PhD and Debbie Platek, MS

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Debbie Platek, MS, is president of CME Mentors, a medical education consulting company located in the Chicago area. Founded in 2015, CME Mentors assists CME providers with their training, project management, education, and accreditation-related needs. Prior to CME Mentors, Debbie was Assistant Director of Education, Accreditation and Licensure at the Illinois State Medical Society, managed the CME program of a Chicago suburban hospital, and was Executive Director of The Bible Overview, Inc., a not-for-profit training organization formerly located in Hoffman Estates, Illinois.

Debbie is the immediate past-president of the Illinois Alliance for Continuing Medical Education (IACME), chair of the IACME Basics Workshop, and a frequent presenter at training events. Previously, she served as faculty and chair for the Alliance Fundamentals Program and the Alliance Basics Workshop, and continues to be an active volunteer within the Alliance. Debbie holds a Master’s in Communication from Northwestern University and a Bachelor’s in Sociology from the University of Illinois.


Mary Martin Lowe, PhD is President of Learning Advisors, LLC, where she works with organizations on faculty development, educational design, activity development, and overall program evaluation, with an emphasis on Continuing Education in the Health Professions (CEhp).

Mary earned a PhD in Adult Learning from the University of Connecticut in 2007. Her research interests included both organizational learning and continuing medical education. Mary’s dissertation, which focused on physician learning, was entitled, “Continuing Medical Education for Physicians: Key Factors Contributing to Learning and Change. Mary earned a MA in Speech Communication from the University of Georgia and a BA in Communication from Louisiana Tech University.

Mary was the lead educational designer and author of the Alliance for CEhp’s online learning courses for CEhp practitioners, named CALLS (the Competency Assessment and Lifelong Learning Series). She has served as faculty for the Alliance’s Basics Courses, developing and leading sessions on adult learning, educational design, and evaluation. She also served as the inaugural chair of the Alliance’s Fundamentals 101 program, aimed at supporting new and early career CEhp practitioners.

Prior to founding Learning Advisors in 2009, Mary served in a number of roles with the Accreditation Council for CME, including Director of Education and Recognition and Director of Accreditation and Recognition. Mary also worked for the American Association of Neurological Surgeons as Manager of Professional Development.