CHCP Exam Preparation Materials

Content Outline

The Content Outline is provided as a study guide for persons preparing for the Certification Exam. Test items were mapped to the five domains in this outline, which was created by the NC-CME Job Analysis Team and validated by a Job Analysis Survey of CME professionals. Additional suggestions for preparing for the exam are included in the Candidates Handbook.

Preparation Resources

To assist candidates in assessing knowledge and skills in preparation for taking the CHCP Exam, there are three online self-assessment programs: SMT Tutorial, Sample Test Items, and a Practice Exam.

Practice Exam

To access the CHCP Practice Exam, click the button below to pay the $45 fee.
(This is only for the CHCP exam and not the Healthcare CPD Associate Exam.)

Once your payment is processed, you will receive a receipt via email that will have instructions for accessing the practice exam.  Do not click on the link until you are ready to take the practice exam.

    • The exam is 45 questions.
    • Once you begin you will have 90 minutes to complete it.
    • You may not stop and restart once you begin.
    • You will be asked to attest that you will not share the link to nor the content of the Practice Exam.

Purchase Practice Exam

CALLS CHCP Exam Prep Course

This course is one of five learning tracks in the Competency Assessment and Lifelong Learning Series (CALLS) developed by the Alliance. Includes 50+ multiple-choice questions that test knowledge and help prepare for the CHCP exam. The Alliance estimates that learners will spend at least 16-18 hours engaging in the CALLS CHCP Prep.

Outside Resources

In addition, other organizations offer educational materials and courses targeted to the continuous professional development of Healthcare CPD professionals. Additional materials and course offerings are available over the Internet. 

  • The ACCME has published a compilation of the accreditation requirements in one document. The PDF includes the ACCME Accreditation Criteria, the ACCME Standards for Commercial Support: Standards to Ensure Independence in CME Activities, and ACCME Policies.
  • The FDA Guidance Documents provide information relating to commercial support of CME activities.
  • CE Measure is a journal dedicated to the art and science of healthcare educational outcomes measurement.