Stop The Opidemic: Utah's collaborative approach to saving lives

Track: Research

Session Number: 2024
Date: Wed, Sep 27th, 2017
Time: 9:00 AM - 9:45 AM


Opioid addiction is seen in 16% of the US population, or approximately 40 million people, which is almost twice as many as the 27 million with heart disease, the 26 million with diabetes or the 19 million Americans with cancer. It is no wonder that each of us, are only one person removed from someone directly affected by the opioid epidemic. While we struggle to enact solutions, our family members, friends and neighbors continue to develop dependence, addiction, and some die.

In 2015, Intermountain Healthcare helped create the Opioid Community Collaborative (OCC) to attack this problem from a 360 o approach including: raising awareness; limiting the supply through provider education and the promotion of safe use, storage, and disposal; identifying and managing those at risk through the provision of naloxone and offering Living Well with chronic Conditions chronic pain management courses; and providing evidence-based treatment.

This session will discuss the data analysis performed to identify prescription rates pre/post education, the efforts within the community and with healthcare providers, and the state-wide approach to saving patient lives through decreasing rates of opioid abuse and misuse.
Session Type: Presentation

Session Type: Presentation