Alliance for Continuing Education in the Health Professions

    About the Exam

    New in 2018

    In 2018, the CHCP exam will include updated content to further reflect interprofessional practice and the updated National Learning Competencies. The new exam will ensure that the knowledge and skills evaluated fully align with those competencies continuing professional development (CPD) professionals need to perform their jobs. 

    The new exam will first be administered during the March 2018 testing window. 

    Content Outline

    The new CHCP exam will cover the following four main content areas:

    • Adult and Interprofessional Learning Principles (15%)
    • Educational Activity Planning, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation (33%)
    • Program Leadership, Administration, and Management (33%)
    • Knowledge of the CME/CPD Environment (19%)

    Exam Format

    The exam will continue to include 160 four-option multiple choice questions, with 150 scored and 10 pretest questions that are not scored. The three hour exam is a closed-book exam administered at more than 200 secure testing facilities throughout the US and Canada during four annual testing periods. The exam administration is managed by IsoQuality Testing, a division of Schroeder Measurement Technologies.

    View the CHCP Certification Candidates Handbook for more information on the application and how to register.