Upcoming CPD Pulse Points
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Beginning with the June 4th CPD Pulse Points, all live and recorded sessions will continue to be free for Alliance members. The cost for nonmembers to attend the live event and view the recordings will be $25. Interested in becoming a member? Join today!

June 4 | 2pm ET

The Art of Mindfulness

Join Jeffrey Brantly, MD, a mindfulness teacher, Psychiatrist, and author. Get a break from the ever-changing, fast-paced, day to day tasks to calm your minds!

Recognize the importance of mindfulness practice in managing stress, anxiety, and Practice mindfulness, Experience the impacts of mindfulness practice.  


June 11 | 2pm ET

What Can Every Type of CME/CPD Provider and Staff Learn from this COVID-19 Isolation?

Please join this CPD Pulse Points session with Joe Green, PhD, an Organizational & Learning Strategist, and learn about:

  • Life’s relevant sayings and general truths
  • Some humor and impact of an international pandemic
  • Suggestions for staff
  • Shift in important value propositions for your provider type
  • Moving on the path from CME to CPD

We will also encourage the participants’ involvement in providing comments or asking questions…remember, we are all the teachers, coaches and mentors for each other!


June 18 | 2pm ET

Leading with Compassion: Managing Stress in Learners

The current situation with the pandemic and healthcare in general can create anxiety and stress among our learners.  How do we as educators manage such stress in our learners?  Join Dr. J. Kim Penberthy as she discusses stress, learning and our learners. 


June 25 | 2pm ET

Design of online instruction: Translating live content to online

The pivot to online learning means being able to rapidly create enduring content. How can we use best practices in writing/visualization to create content that effectively supports learning? Join us for a discussion with Alexandra Howson, MA, PhD, CHCP.


July 2 | 2pm ET

Addressing Physician wellness and burnout through CPD

Join us as Donna Gabriel, MSSr. Director, US/Global Education at Med-IQ, LLC, discusses the impact of COVID-19 is expected to have on clinician burnout, which is already an epidemic, and how we must consider this information as we design our future educational initiatives.


July 9 | 2pm ET

Connecting the Dots

Participate in a discussion with Alliance Past President Jann Balmer, PhD, RN, that highlights the most important skill a leader should possess - looking at the big picture, connecting the dots and providing the necessary guidance and support to the team.  


July 16 | 2pm ET

Backward Planning Process and Instructional Design

The backward planning process is the framework for development of competency-based curricula. Join Joe Green, PhD, an Organizational & Learning Strategist at Professional Resource Network and Past Alliance President Marcia Jackson, PhD, as they discuss the planning process and the design of effective assessments for competency-based curricular frameworks. 


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