Research and Development Resource Base

The Research and Development Resource Base (RDRB) is a bibliographic database of literature with over 22,000 citations for 3 distinct yet inter-related fields: 

• Continuing Education & Knowledge Translation
• Interprofessional Literature
• Faculty Development

Each article in the RDRB has extensive keywords, and many offer a link to a short abstract or summary. Searches can be broadly based or very specific, depending on the selection of keywords.

  • The RDRB offers information covering general areas such as the following: 
  • Interventions 
  • Learning Environments 
  • Learner Characteristics 
  • Needs Assessment 
  • Evaluation 
  • Organization and Delivery 
  • Knowledge Translation

Resources may be found through a search by keyword, publication name or author name. Many references include links to abstract and some to full text.

To visit the RDRB Home Page and access literature searches, click here.