2017 Alliance Annual Conference Enduring Materials
2017 Alliance Annual Conference Enduring Materials

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The following session recorings are included in your purchase:

Session Title: Improvement Science and CE: A How-To Guide for QI Beginners
Track: Performance/Quality Improvement
Speakers: Sara Miller, MS
Allison Gardner, PhD

Session Title: What You Want Versus What I Need: Assessing Outcomes From the Perspective of Various Stakeholders
Track: Outcomes/Assessments
Speakers: Sapanda Panday, MPH
Suzette Miller, MBA, CHCP
Asma Ali, PhD ERM
Andrea Harshman, MHA, CHCP, CMP-HC

Session Title: A Conceptual Framework for Planning and Assessing Learning Activities for Physicians
Speaker: Donald Moore, PhD

Session Title: QI: 4x4
Track: Performance/Quality Improvement
Speakers: Mary Ales, CHCP, FACEHP
Letitia Allen, MS
Sandra Selzer, MSHQ
Sheryln B. Celone
Sarah Meadows, MS, CHCP

Session Title: Re-Examining Patient Engagement in CE: Frontline Lessons From Patient Education Initiatives
Track: Learning Sciences/Strategies
Speakers: Allison Gardner, PhD
Pete Sheldon, BA

Session Title: Say It Like You Mean It: Articulating our Value and How CME/CE is Transforming Healthcare
Speakers: Scott Weber
Patricia Jassak, MS, RN, CHCP, FACEHP

Session Title: Hitting Overall Program Targets with the C-Suite and Other Stakeholders
Track: Outcomes/Assessments
Speakers: Erik Brady, PhD, CHCP
Erin Schwarz
Jacqueline Steltz-Lenarsky, MA
Nicholas Testa, MD

Session Title: Better Ways to Present Information and Data
Speakers: Karen Roy, MSc, CHCP
Bhaval Shah, PhD

Session Title: Growing an Online Continuing Education Program with Limited Resources
Track: Learning Science/Strategies
Speaker: Angela Gomez, PhD, BCBE