Powerful Global Education through Collaboration, Networking, and Strategic Alliances
Powerful Global Education through Collaboration, Networking, and Strategic Alliances

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Alliance 2019 Annual Conference Session Description
The Global Alliance for Medical Education (GAME) is a global organization that represents all aspects of continuing medical education, and includes members from professional societies, pharmaceutical industry, academia, and medical education companies on its Board of Directors. In mid-2017, the GAME Board of Directors (GBoD) fielded a survey to its membership, with the intent to discover what the membership wanted from the organization.

From this survey, the GBoD developed four pillars to help it achieve the mission of the organization, as outlined by its membership. The pillars are 1) Develop strategic alliances & congresses, 2) Enhance educational initiatives, 3) build financial sustainability, 4) increase membership and advocacy. We will discuss how the board implemented activities in all these pillars to help strengthen the organization.

While all of the pillars are interconnected, the GBoD, in early 2018, updated its vision and focused its core mission on becoming a global leader in facilitating best practices and collaboration in life-long learning translation into improved healthcare.

GAME has been collaborating with multiple organizations (APMEC, AMEE, and The Alliance, among others) to strengthen its position and to share its expertise in global education development and delivery. We also found that around the world, there are numerous other organizations, from ministries of health, professional societies, and international health organizations, such as the WHO, whom also provide a significant amount of educational activities to healthcare professionals with the intent to improve the health of patients. Unfortunately, there is no standardized provision for the delivery of educational content, with a wide variation in the understanding of the core tenants of CME/CPD. Come find out how the GAME organization currently addresses these needs with the help of collaborations, strategic alliances, and the provision of enhanced educational initiatives, with hopes to start a global conversation on a new level.

Learning Objectives:
Learn how a diverse global CME/CPD organization has developed a global strategy to support its membership.
Understand and differentiate the current trends of CME around the world from the perspective of the Global Alliance for Medical Education (GAME).
Engage with GAME leaders to understand their shared vision and mission to start a global collaboration between traditional and non-traditional educators.