Common Pitfalls and Missed Opportunities in CE Instructional Design
Common Pitfalls and Missed Opportunities in CE Instructional Design

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The webinar will focus on improving skills in the effective use of several of the most underutilized and non-optimally implemented instructional design (ID) features in CE activities; features that have been proven to facilitate learning and lead to performance improvement.  These ID features are rooted in the science of human learning and can dramatically improve learner engagement, accelerate understanding of new information, and most importantly increase the likelihood that learners will recall and use new concepts and apply skills at the point of care – to help close important healthcare gaps.     The specific focus will be on important ID features that were identified as rarely used, and non-optimally implemented by a rigorous objective, independent analysis of over 100 online CE activities; these features, when effectively implemented, can motivate learners at the outset (engagement), sustain interest and attention (i.e. prevent dropping out or tuning out), and create conditions that have been shown to be necessary for new concepts and skills to be learned rapidly, remembered, and used in practice (i.e. transferred to real world settings to improve outcomes).


Hilary Schmidt, PhD, Co-Founder, The Callibre Institute for Quality Medical Education

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