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Are you interested in submitting a proposal to present at the
2018 Alliance Industry Summit?

Proposals are now being accepted for AIS 2018! We welcome you to submit using the button below. Please indicate your preferred session length: a full session (30 minutes) or a shorter, more concentrated presentation (10 minutes).

The submission deadline is Monday, December 4th at 11:59pm ET. 


What Are We Looking For?

Regardless of the session length you choose, you can submit a proposal to present on any topic. The AIS Planning Committee invites applications that address the meeting theme and any one of the following objectives:

  • Utilize outcomes and real world evidence effectively to drive strategic decision-making and planning
  • Successfully integrate the patient voice into medical education planning and development
  • Define additional stakeholders and potential collaborations in the healthcare improvement movement to enhance sustainable change
  • Gain tips and tools to communicate the evidence of IME effectiveness, inspire confidence among stakeholders, and cultivate future innovation

Submissions for consideration should include one or more of the following: critical success factors in strategic planning, utilization of real world evidence (RWE), collaboration with key stakeholders, managed care, how we are using education to help demonstrate evolving conversations within CMS, the process of analyzing outcomes, communication of evidence of IME impact on clinical care.

Abstracts that reflect submission on behalf of multiple stakeholders are encouraged. Please note that, if selected, live attendance and presentation are required for these sessions.

What You Need to Submit

  1. Session title
  2. Session description
  3. Names, contact information and bios for all presenters
  4. Two key learning objectives for your proposed session (limited to 150 characters)
  5. An elevator pitch for your session (keep it short and sweet and make us want to attend your session!)

Submitters will also need to indicate to which of the National Learning Competencies their presentation is best aligned. A description of these competencies is available here.

Please note that while incomplete applications cannot be saved, once you’ve submitted, you will be able to edit your work up until the December 4th deadline.

Ready to Submit?


Questions about submitting a proposal? Please contact the Alliance at or (202) 367-1151.