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Alliance for CEhp

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The Alliance has engaged in a multi-year enhancement of traditional continuing medical education (CME) – which focuses on advancing, expanding, and better aligning team-based practitioner education with clinical outcomes and health care quality improvement.

With the revised CEhp National Learning Competencies, the Alliance membership is actively promoting shared knowledge and skills across the entire practitioner professional team and working together to model innovative education that can be applied in broad, national health care delivery settings.

In 2014 the Alliance has launched the Quality Improvement Education (QIE) initiative to better utilize team-based systems change driven by educational learning outcomes and measurement. This QIE initiative is using a multi-stakeholder Committee to develop a national Roadmap Report, driven by views and input from key stakeholders representing such areas as health IT, accreditation and certification, graduate and resident interaction, patient engagement and safety, and payor quality measures.

The Alliance membership represents top CEhp leadership across all aspects of the health care sector – including those in clinical settings, leading specialty societies, and top academic institutions, as well as drug and device educators, medical education companies, and other government and health care representatives.

Upcoming Education Opportunities:


  • CALLS Online Learning Program for Educators
  • Faculty NFEI Online Learning Program
  • 8th Annual Alliance Industry Summit | May 11-13, 2015 | Philadelphia, PA
  • 2015 Basics & Leadership Institutes: Seminars, Webinars and Workshops | Dates TBD
  • 2015 Summer Specialty Society Meetings | Chicago, IL and Washington, DC | Dates TBD
  • 3rd Annual Alliance Quality Symposium | September 28-30, 2015 | Chicago, IL
  • 41st Annual Conference: January 13-16, 2016 | National Harbor, MD
  • 42nd Annual Conference: January 26-29, 2017 | San Francisco, CA
  • 43rd Annual Conference: January 20-23, 2018 | Orlando, FL