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Procedural Learning Sessions 

All participants will be rotating through this session with 45 minutes in each procedure.  The idea is to have a 10-15 minute presentation about how the hands-on session was planned, and then 30-35 minutes of helping the audience actually practice the hands-on activity.  The intent in this activity is not such that participants are prepared to perform any skills, but rather that they get a small taste of how to it can work – and to give examples on graduated levels of involvement and effort for all involved.  The desired outcomes here is that it starts them thinking about ways to implement procedural learning in relatively inexpensive ways and start building it into their educational processes. 

Procedural Learning Sessions

Dr. Bryant has worked with the Innovation Lab and the Simulation Team to create a wearable cric model – and they recently even patented the product.  It’s super interesting and anyone can wear it and/or practice on someone else, and should make for a great hands-on session.

Presenters/Facilitators: Robert J. Bryant, MD and Phillip Wortham, Intermountain Simulation Lab

Rib Plating

Dr. White and Dr. Morris will be demonstrating the 3-D rib model that was developed in collaboration with the Innovation Lab. Participants can first saw the ribs to simulate a break, and then utilize the titanium plates and drills to fix them.

Presenters/Facilitators: Thomas W. White, MD; David S. Morris, MD; and members of the Intermountain Innovation Lab

Tourniquets/Stop the Bleed®

Brad, Brittany, Anna, and a handful of members of the Intermountain Simulation Lab will be re-creating this activity from the September 2016 ETCC meeting. Anna is a double amputee and helps with healthcare education sessions to talk about her experience – specifically with tourniquets. The proper use and timing of tourniquets saved her life, and the Simulation Team helps re-create her trauma, and then they will add and review the new Stop the Bleed® principles for this session.

Presenters/Facilitators: Bradley J. Morris, RN, CFRN, PA-C; Brittany Gerali, PA-C, RD; Anna Beninati; William Beninati, MD (tentative), and members of the Intermountain Simulation Lab