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Strategic Plan 2016 - 2018

The Alliance strategic planning prepares the organization and the profession to achieve goals and set objectives in order to negotiate our changing healthcare environment. Our strategic plan is systematically reviewed annually as well as throughout the year to ensure relevancy and value to continuing healthcare educators. Input to the strategic plan is gathered from the membership, committee, Section, SIG leaders and the Board of Directors. 

Goal 1.0: Professionalism: Define and promote the continuing healthcare education profession and professionals.

Objective 1.1:  Implement a professional credential by delivering a certification and associate certificate based on a minimum set of competencies 
Objective 1.2: Demonstrate the continuing healthcare education professionals’ value to healthcare stakeholders
Objective 1.3: Identify and prioritize federal and state regulations and policies on an annual basis.

Goal 2.0: Strategic Outreach: Promote and strengthen strategic alliances to advance the mission and vision.

Objective 2.1: Prioritize outreach to identified strategic organizations
Objective 2.2: Expand strategic outreach incrementally to advance leadership development and ambassadorial relationship building

Goal 3.0: Membership: Explore, assess and develop a membership model with resources that are relevant for today’s market to build and engage interprofessional membership.

Objective 3.1: Foster the growth of the member engagement and retention program to build loyalty, volunteerism, and opportunities 
Objective 3.2: Pilot membership dues model and assess engagement 

BOD update 12/21/2016 

Your Board of Directors welcomes your feedback and invites you to email them at acehp@acehp.org