Best in Class

The Alliance Industry Summit planning committee hosted a Call for Submissions of high-quality outcome-based programs that effectively report the measured impact of educational initiatives that have been successful in addressing identified gaps through education that resulted in quality of patient care improvements and/or behavior change and/or HCP knowledge/competency/ confidence/performance.

Selected submissions featured recently executed outcomes that met one or more of the following criteria: outcomes study design and methodology, skill and execution, level of analysis and interpretation of analysis and innovation.

These programs were rated “Best In Class” for raising awareness of the high-quality education we are supporting and executing through recognition of the resulting outcomes that demonstrate our impact.


Boston University School of Medicine, RealCME, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LLC, and Takeda Pharmaceutical International

Utilizing Advanced Analytic Phases to Improve Education and Outcomes for CE Focused on Opioid Induced Constipation
Contact Person: Karyn Ruiz-Cordell, PhD, MA - >a ref="">
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FACTORx, Improve CME and Penn State College of Medicine
“Objectively Measured Improvements in Diagnostic Performance Amongst 1,828 CME Participants”
Contact Person: Steve Bender -


Clinical Care Options
“A Continually Updated Online Decision Support Tool for Multiple Myeloma Impacts the Quality of Patient Care: Analysis of Variance in Treatment Selection Between Community Practitioners and a Panel of Myeloma Experts”
Contact Person: June Wasserstrom -

Global Academy, Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation, Kynectiv, Postgraduate Institute for Medicine and Infograph-Ed
“Incorporating Outcomes Data into Follow-up Education to Facilitate Peer-to-Peer Learning”
Contact Person: Michael LoPresti, BS -
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Med Learning Group
“The Healthy Days Initiative: Quantifying Impact on Patient QOL”
Contact Person: Lauren Katherine Welch -
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Medscape Education and University of Alabama Health System
“Patient Centered Care: Improving Outcomes in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia”
Contact Person: Rob Braun -

“Strategies for Reducing Outcomes Disparities in the Acute Management of Ischemic Stroke in the Southeastern US: A Targeted Educational Initiative for Emergency Department Care Teams”
Contact Person: Donna Harris Gabriel -

Med-IQ, Duke University, and Virginia Mason
“Aligning Clinical Practice to Changing Guidelines: Technology Alone is Not the Answer”
Contact Person: Sara Miller, MS -

PRIME Education, Inc.
“Interprofessional Quality Improvement Education to Support a National Response to the HIV Epidemic”

“A Quality Improvement Initiative to Improve Team-Based and Patient-Centered Bladder Cancer Care”
Contact Person: Caroline Robinson, PhD - or Kathleen Moreo -

Pri-Med and Amazing Charts EHR
“Designing Multi-Interventional Curricula That Results in Improved Patient Health Outcomes”
Contact Person: Marc Mosier, MD -